SmartPTT Express Release 2.5: Radio Location History and Convenient Work with Voice Records in the Audio Archive

10 August, 2020
Release announcements

We are glad to announce  SmartPTT Express 2.5. Its new and redesigned features improve the usability of our application for Motorola Solutions DIMETRATM Express.

Subscribers’ Tracks on the Map

Now the dispatcher can observe the radio movement’s history on the map. Set the time interval and SmartPTT Express will display the subscribers’ movements history for this period as tracks. The function more clearly demonstrates where and when the employees were, whether they kept the assigned route and whether tasks were completed regarding, for example, the visits to certain objects on the territory. Displaying tracks is useful for investigations in case of disputable situations, as they make sure where employees were at the incident time and whether they left the area without permission.

Tracks on the map

Convenient Work with the Audio Archive

We made a number of improvements for more convenient work with audio records in the archive. In particular, now users can choose an audio output to play call recordings.

The recording now can be played in accelerated mode. It saves time on listening to it, especially when the task requires listening to a large number of saved records. The dispatcher can create and attach notes to the records, which facilitates their search in the archive and work with them in the future.

Audio Arcive

User Interface and Other Improvements

SmartPTT Express 2.5 supports DIMETRATM Express 1.5 features and provides the ability to retrieve GNSS settings from DIMETRA radios, such as location reporting and logging parameters.

Now using SmartPTT Express 2.5 has become even more convenient thanks to more compact and legible map callouts, redesigned multiselect and patch group configuration, new software buttons, and other improvements.

Read more about all the changes in the Release Notes.

SmartPTT Express 2.5 for DimetraTM by Motorola is available for download by request.