SmartPTT Mobile Upgrades: Autoconnection to the Server and Application Priority Settings

10 July, 2020
Release announcements
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SmartPTT has released a new SmartPTT Mobile client version, which makes our mobile app more convenient and easy-to-use

Now the application automatically reconnects to the radioserver in instances where the device has been rebooted, the internet has dropped out and reconnected, or the application has been closed and reopened. You don’t spend time setting it up again but only using the app!

Another enhancement allows you to determine the priority of the SmartPTT Mobile App compared to other applications on your device. In the High Priority Mode, when you switch to another application, SmartPTT Mobile continues to connect to the radioserver and interact with the microphone and speaker. This is an important feature for users who always need to be available to make and receive calls.

If the priority mode is set to normal, the application will not interact with the speaker and microphone when the application is minimized or the screen is locked. It is important to note, however, that phone calls will always have priority over the SmartPTT Mobile application

These updates are already available for iOS and Android users. Find out more in our user guides for Android and Apple devices.