SmartPTT PLUS Introduces New Level of Dispatch Control for MOTOTRBO Systems

SmartPTT PLUS started sales in Europe and Africa region

logo_motorola_sold_and_supportedEarlier this year, Motorola Solutions and Elcomplus introduced in the Europe and Africa region SmartPTT PLUS – a new premium control room solution for MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems.

SmartPTT PLUS is a professional dispatch software solution for integrated and fully featured dispatch control over multi-site and multi-channel systems. Designed exclusively for MOTOTRBO, this control room solution supports voice communications and data operations for Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect systems. Utilizing the enhanced wireline Network Application Interface, SmartPTT PLUS provides higher system stability, security and reliability, as well as reduced hardware overheads and maintenance costs.

SmartPTT PLUS leverages SmartPTT software’s key strengths including a distributed architecture that allows users to build reliable communication systems with hot standby servers. It includes a comprehensive set of functional modules for improved fleet management and dispatch and its modular structure allows users to purchase only the features they need. SmartPTT PLUS can be tailored to any requirement to ensure optimum performance across a range of industries; it is easily scalable from small to large systems and is ready to grow with a business as it expands.

SmartPTT PLUS was designed exclusively for MOTOTRBO in close cooperation with Motorola and tested in Motorola Solutions labs. It is available through Motorola Solutions’ channel partners and also supported by Motorola customer service teams.

Please contact your Motorola representative if you would like more information on SmartPTT PLUS.

Learn and experience now all benefits SmartPTT PLUS can bring to business communications and cooperation

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