AdapTel interactive demo-zone in Singapore
Motorola demo-zone in Singapore office

Events | Sep 20

AdapTel became a highlight of a new Motorola demo-zone in Singapore office.

Keep remote facilities under control with SmartPTT SCADA

Trainings/Webinars videos | Sep 11

SmartPTT SCADA is coming this fall in release 9.4.

How to use SmartPTT dispatcher application without additional licenses?

Technical tips | Sep 10

Look through previously recorded data, make reports and listen to the recordings without additional SmartPTT licenses.

SmartPTT Server API

Integration of SmartPTT functionality into third party applications is available with WebSocket API. It’s the API version for SmartPTT based on the WebSocket protocol.

WebSocket API provides enhanced interaction between the systems:

  • Private and group calls;
  • Subscribers online presence;
  • GPS location data;
  • And other refinements on request.

Access to this API is officially distributed by Motorola Solutions as “SmartPTT PLUS API License”.

Contact us to know the details!

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