SmartPTT Team Continues to Work for You

6 April, 2020
Technical tips

In SmartPTT, we care about every staff member’s health and life. Due to the Covid-19 threat we rearranged our workers’ schedules. Most of them work remotely these days. In spite of it, you can be assured that we didn’t stop keeping in touch with our clients.  

We understand that now hospitals, police, and ambulances are obliged to work in emergency mode. Public and other services need reliable communications more than usual. Thank you for your trust, we keep a value for our contribution to your hard work and will do our best for you. Our support team stays available 24/5, except weekends, and answers all your questions in the shortest possible time. 

If you have questions about SmartPTT’s features and architecture, need help in installation or configuration of your SmartPTT dispatch console, or have issues that are needed to be resolved, please, contact us by phone / email or send your request on our technical support portal.