Remote RG-1000e programming in R3.0 firmware release

Release announcements | Jan 16

SmartPTT RG-1000e firmware update: R3.0 release

Happy Holidays from SmartPTT Team!
Happy Holidays from SmartPTT Team

Events & promos | Dec 21

On New Year's Eve and always – give your time, love and attention to the dearest ones! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

SmartPTT Webinar – SmartPTT 9.4 Release
SmartPTT 9.4 webinar

Trainings/Webinars videos | Dec 21

This webinar presents the new features and updates in the latest SmartPTT 9.4 release.

SmartPTT Terms of On-Site Services

SmartPTT offers paid for on-site implementation and training services for SmartPTT at Motorola’s staging facility in Elgin, IL and at customers’ facilities. For a customized on-site services quote, please contact your SmartPTT sales manager.

Typically, SmartPTT’s on-site implementation services will include the following:

  • Analysis of repeater and radio code plugs
  • Analysis of IP address map and network topology
  • Installation of SmartPTT radioserver software on a customer provided and pre-installed server
  • Installation of SmartPTT dispatch client software on customer provided and pre-installed computer(s)
  • Basic configuration of the SmartPTT radioserver software to the customer’s pre-installed MOTOTRBO radio system
  • Basic configuration of the dispatch client and user interface to the customer’s pre-installed radio system
  • Acceptance testing
  • System administrator training
  • Dispatcher training

What is not included in the time quoted include (unless explicitly stated):

  • Customer mandated safety trainings
  • Inputting of all subscribers into SmartPTT
  • Inputting of all iBeacons into SmartPTT when the Indoor Tracking option is being used
  • Creation of indoor or outdoor maps
  • Repeater and radio programming, though a SmartPTT technician will review code plugs in advance to make any suggestions
  • Customer enterprise network configuration
  • Customer PBX configuration

Including any of the above tasks will require additional time be quoted by SmartPTT.

SmartPTT Requirements prior to arriving on-site:

  • All hardware (IT and radio) should be installed and connected to power supplies (and grounded) and IP-network
  • IP network must be configured, with all IP-addresses and radio’s DMR IDs assigned
  • All equipment must comply with SmartPTT system requirements
  • All servers and dispatch consoles must have Windows operating system installed and configured (English language) and the latest updates installed
  • All equipment must be available for configuration by direct or remote access. If not, additional time may be required
  • All dispatch consoles and servers must have Windows administrator accounts with all rights for SmartPTT and prerequisite software (i.e. MNIS and DDMS) installation
  • All necessary information about system topology, repeater and subscriber radios codeplugs, IP-addresses, DMR ID and etc. must be provided in advance

SmartPTT Requirements while on-site:

  • Partner must assign a supervisor to be on-site with the Elcomplus technician and participate in the SmartPTT acceptance testing
  • An IT and radio technical representative should be available from the partner and/or end user to assist troubleshooting any IT or radio network issues
  • If connection to 3rd party equipment (PBX, non-Motorola radio equipment, Wave5000, etc.) is planned, a qualified specialist for this equipment should be available
  • Customer must give Elcomplus access to SmartPTT, the enterprise IT network, PBX network (if applicable) and the radio network. Elcomplus may require temporary changes in the enterprise IT, PBX, and/or radio networks to diagnosis any issues

If any of the above requirements aren’t met additional charges and delays may be encountered.

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