SmartPTT users get the ability to control equipment at remote facilities

29 November, 2018
Release announcements

Elcomplus presents SmartPTT SCADA, the new solution for remote equipment control and asset management at industrial facilities.

The solution is based on SmartPTT dispatch software. Special SCADA extension complements SmartPTT dispatch console and enables processing of telemetry data received from remote points. Data transmission from equipment to the dispatch console is done through AdapTel, developed by Elcomplus, and through other interface adapters.

The solution combines capacities of SCADA/IIoT systems and a dispatch software for professional radio systems. SmartPTT SCADA functionality includes:

  • remote real time equipment control and monitoring
  • simultaneous control of large amount of facilities
  • resource consumption recording
  • alerts to dispatcher about incidents and parameter deviations from a normal state
  • automated notifications to responsible people about emergencies by message on radio, text on mobile, or email

All information about equipment performance and asset status at remote points is shown on SmartPTT dispatch console in diagrams, graphics, and widgets. In addition, all controlled facilities are placed on SmartPTT map.

SCADA GUI is fully customized for users’ convenience. The dispatchers can choose a color scheme and widgets, create custom pages and place interface elements at the page with drag&drop, as they please. Besides, SmartPTT SCADA interface provides situational awareness. This approach to GUI design aims to speed up emergency detection and reduce the burden on the dispatcher.

SmartPTT SCADA solution is available in SmartPTT since 9.4 version.

Check the product page to get more information.