Data Transmission and Storage

MOTOTRBO - Smart PTT Plus applications - Event logging, voice dispatch and text messages and email
SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)

SmartPTT Data Transmission functionality:

  • Text Message Service. SmartPTT Dispatcher Console allows sending text message either to individual MOTOTRBO subscriber or group. Subscribers with the radio having display and keyboard can send text message back to the Dispatcher Console.
  • Email Gateway. Ability for email users to send text messages to the particular subscriber or talk group in MOTOTRBO radio network. Functionality to duplicate messages sent within the MOTOTRBO radio network to the email addresses specified in the Radioserver Configurator.
  • Job ticketing tool. Job ticketing tool in SmartPTT dispatch console allows a dispatcher to assign tasks to MOTOTRBO subscribers and follow the process of task completion. Convenient ticketing table provides quick tasks filtration by their name, status, recipient, creation time, and status change time.
  • Telemetry. SmartPTT Dispatcher Consoles allows controlling over GPIO contacts of MOTOTRBO subscriber radios.
  • Status Control. SmartPTT supports flexible list of statuses for subscribers. Every status can have its own color. Statuses can be assigned to subscribers, either from the dispatcher console or by pressing accessory button on subscriber radio. Status filter in the dispatcher console allows easy selection of the subscribers having specific status.


SmartPTT Data Storage functionality:

  • SmartPTT logs all system events (registration, voice calls, text message, status change, radio kill, telemetry signal, GPS location, phone calls) into database. SmartPTT uses MS SQL Server for storing the data (SmartPTT setup package includes MS SQL Express free edition).
  • Voice call recording in SmartPTT is done by saving sound files (MP3 format) to specified folder. For those files tags are set to easily identifying and grouping of the records.
  • Distributed event and voice data storage: logging can be done on both client and server side of SmartPTT software.
  • SmartPTT supports customized rules for event processing on both server and client side of the system.

Please Notice! Event viewer in SmartPTT Dispatcher Console has embedded functionality to filter, group and sort records displayed in the viewer. Besides that the flexible report engine is implemented in SmartPTT. It is possible to build different types of reports such as subscribers’ activity, subscriber’s location and past movement, channel loading. Detailed instructions how to set up MOTOTRBO Telemetry Control with SmartPTT is available in our Knowledge Base.


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