SmartPTT 9.3.1: GPS Batching

Release announcements | Jul 17

Free SmartPTT 9.3.1 trial version is available for download from our website.

Elcomplus presented its products at International Mining Fair
International Mining Fair

Events | Jun 20

SmartPTT solution for connection and telemetry in mining industry was presented at the expo in Novokuznetsk

SmartPTT Tutorial Collection: GPS Tracking
SmartPTT GPS Tracking

Trainings/Webinars videos | Jun 13

Detailed demo of SmartPTT GPS Tracking capabilites: different map types, finding subscriber on map, movement tracking, geofencing, rules and notifications, and more

Direct IP Connection

SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)

SmartPTT PLUS and SmartPTT Enterprise implement the most efficient way for dispatch control over MOTOTRBO systems based on direct IP connection to the repeaters. SmartPTT direct IP connection is applicable for all dispatching functionality including voice calls.pic_IP_engl


SmartPTT dispatch system based on direct IP connection doesn’t need any control stations and sound cards installed at the Radioserver. The Radioserver itself can be located at any distance from radio coverage and only requires stable IP connection to MOTOTRBO repeaters.


With the direct IP connection single SmartPTT Radioserver can handle multiple distributed MOTOTRBO systems over large distances providing seamless integration of different sites into a single radio network. Multilevel bridging feature allows establishing routes between SmartPTT Radioservers providing ability of bridging between independent dispatching systems located in different regions.


Systems based on SmartPTT direct IP connection allow considerable reduction of costs eliminating the need for control stations, extra server computers, and extra sound devices.

Extended Funcionality

  • Enhanced logging. Only direct IP connection based system has the ability to log all voice calls and text messages including private ones and collect the information about the repeater used for transmissions.
  • Support of Digital Telephone Patch. With the direct IP connection to IP Site Connect systems or standalone repeaters SmartPTT supports Motorola Digital Telephone Patch providing SIP interface to telephony and ability to do simultaneous phone calls to MOTOTRBO subscribers on both time slots.
  • Monitoring. SmartPTT Monitoring service provides in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO repeaters via direct IP connection.

Supported Topologies

MOTOTRBO system SmartPTT PLUS SmartPTT Enterprise
Standalone repeaters and
IP Site Connect
Voice and data over IP connection Voice and data over IP connection
Capacity Plus Voice and data over IP connection Data over IP and voice through control stations
Linked Capacity Plus Voice and data over IP connection Data over IP and voice through control stations
Connect Plus Voice and data over IP connection Data over IP and voice through control stations

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