GPS Tracking

SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)

SmartPTT allows dispatchers to perform location monitoring of subscribers equipped with MOTOTRBO radios with embedded GPS-receiver.

If you want to control subscribers inside buildings and other locations where GPS signal is not available you need to know about special SmartPTT solution – Indoor Tracking.

GPS Tracking System advantages

  • Know exact GPS location of subscribers
  • Control subscribers in the dangerous zone
  • Track where subscriber was at what time

SmartPTT GPS/AVL functionality

  • Subscriber positioning in real time
  • Subscriber location history
  • Track animation
  • Track details and reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Track replay for a specific period of time
  • Speeding and stops control
  • Predefined routes
  • Automatic and manual location request
  • Different map formats supported (vector, raster, online)
  • Integration with Google Earth (export locations to KML)


SmartPTT Dispatch Console allows opening several maps of different types arranged in a convenient way. Maps in the dispatcher console can be displayed in independent windows on external display or plasma panel.

GPS Batching (GOB Technology)

The SmartPTT and Tallysman® GPS-batching solution brings comprehensive information about radio subscribers’ movements to the dispatcher, and the management gets full-time control over personnel.

In the coverage zone

More detailed tracking of subscriber movements inside the radio network due to the ability to adjust the level of detail.

GPS Batching

Out of coverage

Preservation & accumulation of coordinates when the radio is outside the coverage area allows easily reconstructing subscriber locations and tracks during that period.

GPS Batching solution is simple and requires minimum configuration from engineers, providing great benefits for businesses.

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