Radio Dispatch

SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)
MOTOTRBO - Smart PTT Plus applications - Event logging, voice dispatch and text messages and email
  • Two-way individual, group and all calls from SmartPTT Dispatch Console
  • Conference calls to individuals or groups
  • Recording of all voice calls even individual between subscribers
  • Job Ticketing
  • Lone Worker and Man Down – safety features for workers, who are on duty alone or who operate in isolated areas
  • Hot keys for quick private and group calls
  • Calling Subscriber Identification
  • Remote monitoring
  • Emergency calls
  • Voice calls and text message exchange between dispatchers (Intercom)
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Radio Kill/Channel Denial
  • Voice announcements
  • Flexible sound control
  • Customizable Subscriber Call windows
  • Subscriber categorization
  • Configurable profiles to manage access of dispatchers to control stations, groups, services, MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect slots
  • Channel Selector for switching channels at the control stations
  • Muting of talk groups
  • Deferred voice calls and messages


SmartPTT supports different types of Dispatch Consoles:

  • Regular PC
  • All-in-one PC with touchscreens
  • Dispatcher terminals

Interface of SmartPTT Dispatch Console is specially developed to be highly customizable:

  • “Drag & Drop” support for adjusting the position and size of the panels
  • Multi-touch screen support
  • Custom consoles

SmartPTT Dispatch Console supports 4 subscriber types for dispatcher voice communication:

  • MOTOTRBO Subscriber Radios (individual, group, all calls)
  • Analog Subscriber Radios (all calls)
  • Telephone Subscribers (full duplex voice connection by SIP-protocol)
  • Other SmartPTT Dispatch Consoles (full duplex voice connection)

SmartPTT voice logging system stores sound files in MP3 format. Files can be played back from the dispatcher console event viewer or by ordinary sound player from the folder where the MP3 files are stored. Subscribers of all types, Control Stations and Groups can be arranged in the flexible Category tree. Each subscriber can belong to multiple categories simultaneously. In addition the set of custom subscriber properties can be defined for every subscriber. This feature allows users to have business specific subscriber attributes, for example vehicle type, vehicle id, etc.

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