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SmartPTT Mobile presentation - October 2016
SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)

Elcomplus’ SmartPTT Mobile allows voice and data access to your Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio system from virtually anywhere in the world using your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. SmartPTT Mobile is available in a voice and data mobile application or a data only mobile application. The voice capabilities include private, group and all calls, call alert and more. Data capabilities include GPS tracking and texting.

Mobile App to Radios & Dispatchers: When out of the radio coverage area or off-duty without a radio a mobile app user can still access the MOTOTRBO radio system and communicate with SmartPTT dispatchers and MOTOTRBO radio subscribers.

Radios to Mobile App: If a radio user needs to get in touch with a supervisor that is unavailable by radio, the radio user can call that supervisor through the radio system using the mobile application*. (Requires mobile app to run on the device)

Dispatchers to Mobile App: Dispatchers can exchange text messages and voice calls with mobile application users.


SmartPTT Mobile  SmartPTT Mobile  SmartPTT Mobile

Supported mobile platforms

Works over

  • Wi-Fi (recommended)
  • 3G/4G cellular networks

Supported MOTOTRBO Radio Systems

  • Conventional
  • Standalone repeater
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus


SmartPTT Mobile Configuration Option 1:

In this configuration multiple mobile application users access the radio system using the same MOTOTRBO control station connected to the SmartPTT radioserver. This treats all mobile application users as a single talkgroup and user. This method provides the most cost-effective
implementation and greatly reduces the risk of RFI issues.


SmartPTT Mobile Configuration Option 2:

In this configuration multiple mobile application users of different talkgroups access the radio system using multiple MOTOTRBO control stations (one for each talkgroup).


SmartPTT Mobile Configuration  Option 3:

In this configuration each mobile application user has its own control station with assigned radio ID for private calls, as well as programmed talkgroups. Depending on the number of users, this configuration may require additional radioservers and is at greater risk to RFI.


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