Technical tips from SmartPTT support team

26 November, 2019
Technical tips

We would like to share with you some tips that can make your everyday routine with SmartPTT easier and more efficient. There are some typical questions below that our technical support received last month.

No data services on DP/DM 1400 radios

Some of DP/DM 1400 radios users find out that their devices do not receive any kind of data and they can use them only for voice calls. The reason is that this model has out-of-the-box settings “voice only”. For using all dispatch software options with DP/DM 1400 models, please, change settings in menu ‘Network – Control Station – Voice Only’.

Google maps do not work

The problem looks like a watermark on a map without accessing to it:

Due to new Google policy, customers should generate the API key for access to Google Maps. For API key creation, please, use Google instructions.

Then activate APIs as SmartPTT requires. This includes Maps JavaScript API and Places API. Google requires billing activation to use APIs. For details, please, see information:

For applying API key in SmartPTT 9.4 and later versions log in to the SmartPTT Dispatcher app, point to Google Map in the Map menu and select Settings. After appearing Google Setting window, enter the key in the Google Key field and click Ok.

For APIs activation in SmartPTT Web Client, start Radioserver Configurator, select the Settings tab, expand Add-on Module => Client Connection on its left pane, and then choose Web Service. In the Web Service pane select Active or make sure that it is selected. Enter the key in the Google API key field, click Save at the bottom of the Radioserver Configurator main window and restart the Radioserver.

To apply the API key in SmartPTT 9.3.1 and earlier for SmartPTT Dispatcher, please contact out engineers by email or online