SmartPTT Trainings


Ensure high quality of your customer services, enhance sales effectiveness and increase profits by getting up-to-date knowledge about MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT products and solutions.

The great way to get competences and confidence in MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT systems is to take our sales and technical trainings. They are available in English, Russian and Spanish.

Our courses for SmartPTT partners:

  1. Field sales training
  2. Field training for installing, configuring and maintaining SmartPTT
  3. Webinars for a comprehensive review of capabilities and technical solutions for SmartPTT
  4. Webinars on new SmartPTT capabilities

Train your customers and get fewer issues during system operation:

  • Field training for a review of SmartPTT capabilities and technical solutions
  • Field training for using SmartPTT

All SmartPTT webinars are recorded and available at our YouTube channel.

Contact us to gain your knowledge!