Transportation – Brasseries du Congo (BRACONGO)

1 April, 2014
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pic_Bracongo_transportCompany: Brasseries du Congo (BRACONGO)
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo
System description:
– Capacity Plus system
– 1 repeater
– 5 Dispatchers
– 160 Subscribers
Recommended Solutions:
SmartPTT Enterprise
SmartPTT Radio Dispatch
SmartPTT GPS Tracking

Brasseries du Congo (BRACONGO) is a company in Democratic Republic of Congo specializing in production of mineral water, soft drinks and beer. For everyday operations the company required a dispatch solution with real-time GPS fleet management system that would trace the routes of the cargo vehicles and form reports about their movements. Their previous GPS tracking system had limited functionality and didn’t provide all potentials of a fleet management solution demanded by the plant.

BRACONGO company was searching for a dispatch solution that would give them more control over their cargo vehicles providing the ability to establish voice communication with the team, trace their routes and store all information about drivers’ actions in the database. SmartPTT fully met those demands and could even provide a convenient interface for dispatchers to handle the process of communication and subscriber tracking.

SmartPTT dispatch system based on MOTOTRBO was installed in department of vehicle control to provide 4 dispatchers with full information about the status, location and direction of the cargo. They can follow the trucks, control their schedule compliance and speed rate, and offer help in case of emergency. Additionally, one more dispatch console was installed for a head dispatcher, thus implementing two-level dispatch at the plant for full management control over logistics.

With SmartPTT providing full information about the cargo location and status, department of vehicle control became fully informed about the location and status of the transport and got an opportunity to act faster in emergency cases, which resulted in higher safety for truck teams and faster delivery of the products.