Transportation – Efficiency at Nikola Tesla Airport takes off with MOTOTRBO

Extended coverage and improved fleet management for increased efficiency and safety with MOTOTRBO.

Belgrad airport


Customer: Nikola Tesla Airport

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Industry: Transport, Airports

Partner: TeleGroup Ltd

Belgrade airport

The first Belgrade airport was established in 1910 with a flying field in Banjica. Since then, it has changed location several times, growing and developing with each move. In 2014, the airport was selected from 350 European airports to win the prestigious Euro Annie award for the largest increase in passenger numbers in the 3 to 5 million passenger category.

The challenge

Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport wanted to migrate from conventional analogue radio to a new digi­tal system and also to improve the coordination of fire-fighters in critical situations.

Airport employees

Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla is a longstanding Motorola user. Increasing requirements within the airport, poor spectral efficiency and future expansion plans began to overstretch the capabilities of the conventional analogue radio systems that were in use. It was clear the system needed to be upgraded but due to lack of budget, it was impossible to change the entire system at once – a step by step migration was necessary. MOTOTRBO provided the ideal solution: it allowed the airport to continue using the old analogue radios together with the new digital ones, plus the new network is resistant to interference, clearly audible in high-noise areas and extends coverage throughout the airport for reliable, consistent communication. The fire department added an additional challenge – they needed to be able to accurately locate fire-fighters in critical situations even if smoke prevented the disptacher from seeing them from the control tower.

Finally, the national airline Airserbia Ground Services wants to become part of the new digital radio system to allow them to better integrate and coordinate their daily activities together with other Airport departments.

The solution

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“My people feel much safer during critical situations knowing that somebody is monitoring their position” 

S. Tahirovic, Head of Fire Brigade, Nikola Tesla airport

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