Autobahn of VIAPAR Rodovias S/A in Brazil

18 April, 2013
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Company: VIAPAR Rodovias S/A
Location: Brasil – Paraná State – Maringá City
System description:

– 20 IP Site Connect systems
– 20 master repeaters for voice and data traffic
– 1 radioserver
– 4 dispatchers
– 103 subscribers


VIAPAR Company decided to improve operational dispatch communication by shifting to digital dispatch solution that would offer more opportunities for fleet management by utilizing software solutions.

Due to the nature of the transportation industry, VIAPAR placed high demands on the reliability and usability of communication systems. The system had to combine the functions of voice and data with the ability to track the location in real time, and also have convenient interface for simultaneous management of employees from different departments utilizing various means of communication.

VIAPAR chose SmartPTT because of better technical approach, customization possibility and exclusive function required for the system usage: bridging of several radio networks, telephone interconnect, and custom console allowing more efficient fleet management. SmartPTT based system currently serves 103 subscribers from four different departments (Maintenance, Emergency, Operations and Traffic).

Recommended Solutions:

  • SmartPTT Enterprise
  • SmartPTT Radio Network Bridging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Web Client