Transportation – SmartPTT for Irkutsk International Airport, Russia

Our projects | Apr 17

SmartPTT helps travelers from all over the world to visit lake Baikal

Elcomplus helps to define the optimized radio system structure

Release announcements | Apr 16

We present a new service for our partners who need assistance in preparation of a technical solution for the customers.

How to organize the work for several dispatchers in the same room conveniently?

Technical tips | Apr 12

Did you know about “Listen the calls of other dispatchers” tab?


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SmartPTT Enterprise

  • Most featured top-class solution
  • Direct IP connection to MOTOTRBO repeaters
  • For medium and large scale systems based on repeaters: standalone, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus
18 December 2017 Release notes Download Version 9.2 Supported languages

SmartPTT Basic

  • Solution for small systems
  • Architecture based on control stations
  • Best for small radio networks without repeaters
4 August 2017 Release notes Download Version 9.1.2 Supported languages

SmartPTT Monitoring

  • In-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure
  • Monitoring of network infrastructure: routers, UPS, servers
  • Coverage map representation
4 August 2017 Release notes Download Version 9.1.2 Supported languages

SmartPTT Man Down

  • Safety feature for workers, who are on duty alone or who operate in isolated areas
  • Personnel efficiency and safety improvement
5 December 2016 Release notes Download Version 1.2 Supported languages

SmartPTT File Transfer

  • FREEWARE application
  • Effective and reliable files transfer via radio channel in MOTOTRBO networks
17 May 2013 Release notes Download Version 2.0 Supported languages

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