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SmartPTT offers a Telephone Interconnect Gateway to make calls between MOTOTRBO radios and telephone subscribers. The gateway is a software component embedded into the SmartPTT Radioserver service. The telephone interconnection is established using the SIP Trunk protocol in a PBX or through a VoIP Gateway.

Telephone Interconnect Features:

  • Private, group and all-call radio calls from a telephone
  • Multiple concurrent channels to the telephone network
  • Possibility to limit radio subscribers authorized to make calls
  • Voice call recordings in MP3 or OGG format
  • Full duplex phone calls from and to Dispatch Console

Communication with the radios is established by means of control stations in SmartPTT Basic. The number of control stations with different frequencies and timeslots corresponds to the amount of concurrent channels dedicated to telephone interconnection. In SmartPTT Enterprise telephone interconnect is implemented by means of direct IP connection to IP Site Connect repeaters; control stations are used in SmartPTT Enterprise for Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus. In SmartPTT PLUS all communications with the radios are established via IP connection to the MOTOTRBO infrastructure in Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and Capacity Max systems.


The SmartPTT Telephone Interconnect Gateway service can limit the radio subscribers authorized to communicate with telephone subscribers. It can also record all voice calls going through the gateway. These features provide efficient utilization of the radio channels and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized subscriber calls.

Phone calls can be initiated in multiple ways:

  • Dial the subscriber or talk group ID from phone
  • Dial the telephone number from a radio
  • Patching of calls between telephones and radios via the dispatch console

Interconnection initiated by dispatcher


The SmartPTT dispatcher can connect radios and telephone subscribers. The radio subscriber makes a voice call requesting the dispatcher to make the interconnection. The Call Window allows easy dialing of the desired telephone number and the creation of the interconnection.

Automatic interconnection initiated by telephone subscriber

pic_Inter_rus_3 The telephone subscriber can make a voice call to a radio by dialing the phone number of the gateway followed by the prefix number and radio ID programmed in the MOTOTRBO radio or talkgroup ID. It is necessary to preprogram the VoIP Gateway with the forwarding prefix from the PBX to the SmartPTT telephone gateway.

Automatic interconnection initiated by a radio subscriber

pic_Inter_rus_4To make a telephone call, the radio subscriber could select the pre-programmed phone number from the Contacts list of the radio or via Manual dial from the radio menu. Alternatively, in systems based on the Control Stations, subscribers can press their PTT button and dial the phone number on the radio’s keypad in DTMF mode. Radio subscribers can also send text messages with the number of the phone subscriber to the SmartPTT Radioserver. The SmartPTT telephone gateway service transforms the number into a SIP-address and makes the call to the VoIP Gateway. When the telephone subscriber picks up the phone and starts talking, SmartPTT transmits the voice to the radio by means of the MOTOTRBO control station or repeater.

Detailed instructions how to set up the MOTOTRBO Telephone Interconnect with SmartPTT is available in our Knowledge Base.

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