Voice dispatch

Instant communications and efficient team coordination – the system is under dispatcher’s permanent control

Team communication & coordination

Improve teamwork at your organization with efficient communications between subscribers and dispatchers and advanced team coordination capabilities. Even if you use analog and digital systems simultaneously, SmartPTT will ensure reliable instant communications between employees.

Improve dispatcher operation and reaction time during emergencies due to simple and flexible user interface, customized to every dispatcher needs
Make dispatchers and supervisors be automatically notified of any emergency, and save time and even lives in the critical situations by instant information broadcast to all users
Ensure additional safety for workers with subscriber activity control, man down feature, remote monitoring of subscribers
Reduce the expenses on the equipment with user authorization feature: workers of different shifts can use the same radios
Always keep in touch even being offline due to deferred calls and messages feature
Stop information leakage in any situation: Radio Kill command allows you remotely kill the radio using SmartPTT



This feature is available in

Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
Voice and data dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO
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