An integrated voice and data dispatch software application for Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems

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  • Conventional
  • Capacity Max
  • Capacity Plus
  • IP Site Connect
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • WAVE
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Motorola Sold & Supported

SmartPTT is Motorola Sold & Supported product, undergone stringent quality testing by Motorola Solutions engineers. Complies with the highest standards of quality and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Simple and flexible user interface, customized to every dispatcher needs
Automation of day-to-day operations: geofencing, predefined routes, emergency alarms, pre-recorded voice messages
Easy scalability from small to large geographically distributed radio systems with multiple dispatch positions, installed locally, regionally, nationally, or worldwide
Cost reduction on the equipment needed for the connection with radio network and its maintenance due to direct connection to repeaters via IP protocol (Network Application Interface (NAI)
Bridging different types of networks ensures smooth migration from analog to digital and communication interoperability between police, firefighters, hospital and other agencies
High level of the radio system reliability: redundant radioserver, distributed event and voice data storage, no single point of failure
Minimum Hardware Requirements
SmartPTT Dispatcher SmartPTT Radioserver
Operating system Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Windows 8, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016
Processor Intel Core i5 or higher Intel Core i5 or higher
Memory At least 4 GB At least 4 GB
Hard drive At least 20 GB At least 40 GB
Sound card Internal PCI-E Sound Blaster Audigy RX
External Sound Blaster X-Fi Go
Multi-channel AUDIO–Delta 1010LT, MAYA44XTe, ICON Digital Cube Pro USB
Network adapter 10/100/1000 Gbps Ethernet adapter
Extra Video adapter
Sound recording and playback devices (e.g. microphone, speakers, headset)
Monitor, pointer, keyboard
IP Bandwidth Requirements
Dispatcher application 13 kbps
Master repeater 20 kbps

Dispatch Control over Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect
Dispatch Control over Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect (SmartPTT PLUS Dispatch System)

Dispatch Control over Capacity Max
Dispatch Control over Capacity Max (SmartPTT PLUS Dispatch System)

Case studies

Transportation Rapid Urban Railway in Poland MOTOTRBO & SmartPTT for security of Poland's Tricity railway line
Public Safety Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa SmartPTT and MOTOTRBO help guard against tsunamis
Sport & Events 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil SmartPTT and MOTOTRBO ensured fast stable communication at 3 stadiums
Energy Energisa Group, Brazil Energy distribution in 9 states of Brazil
Public Safety Daejeon Firefighters, South Korea Increased productivity and employee's responsiveness during urgent operations of Koreen Firefighters