Manufacturing – SC “AMMONI”, Russia

Our projects | May 17

MOTOTRBO & SmartPTT for a newly built hazardous production facility

How to configure the Lone Worker mode

Technical tips | May 15

The basic configuration process step by step

Transportation – SmartPTT for Irkutsk International Airport, Russia

Our projects | Apr 17

SmartPTT helps travelers from all over the world to visit lake Baikal

Technical Support

Introduce MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT software systems more quickly and reliably!

Contact the technical support service and get qualified help at the highest level. Set up the system with the ideal settings and enjoy it working without unnecessary problems.

SmartPTT Technical SupportWe are open for you!

Choose a convenient channel for communication (e-mail, technical support portal, chat, telephone, social media or remote access). We have a modern Service Desk system for effective cooperation with Partners. Your queries are dealt with in the shortest possible time by our competent experts in several languages (English, Spanish or Russian).

Use our up-to-date knowledge base!

Get product documentation at first hand. We are constantly updating user documentation. You can find useful information in the Top Support Questions section and sign up for updates with one click.

Contact us anyway!

If you haven’t become a Partner yet, you can contact the technical support service for the additional information required for decide on working with SmartPTT software.

More opportunities for our partners!

If you are our Partner, we will provide you with extended technical support for the entire duration of the agreement with conditions convenient for you.

Free services:

  • Online consultancy about SmartPTT features on any communications channel convenient for you
  • Help in installing and configuring MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT using remote access
  • Issues resolution

Chargeable services:

We care about you and your Customers!

For greater success and results in selling MOTOTRBO- and SmartPTT-based systems we recommend partners systematically monitor customer satisfaction and contact us for consultancies and services.

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