SmartPTT — программное обеспечение для организации диспетчерской радиосвязи на платформе MOTOTRBO™.

SmartPTT Express 2.6 Secondary Express Server supported
SmartPTT PLUS 9.13 USBD Polling, Voice Recording Enhancements, and more
SmartPTT Enterprise 9.13 Synchronized versions and release dates for SmartPTT Enterprise and SmartPTT PLUS.
SmartPTT Mobile 6.0.0/3.5.0 More Possibilities and Better User Experience
Radio Dispatch Efficient personnel coordination and control
SmartPTT Express Flexible dispatch console for DIMETRA™
Integrated dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO

About SmartPTT

Integrated dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO™

SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radio systems.

SmartPTT provides convenient and flexible services to dispatchers, managers and employees, streamlining organization’s financial, human and time resources.

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why choose SmartPTT

Smart choice for your future

SmartPTT provides full voice and data exchange between employees, work tasks management and tracking of personnel movements both outside and inside the buildings. All calls and events are recorded in the system, allowing for further improvements in the company’s operations.

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  • Intelligent custom console
  • Multi-level dispatch
  • Interoperability between agencies and bridging different types of networks
  • Data redundancy: distributed voice and event log
  • Emergency management
  • Remote control and monitoring of the radio network infrastructure
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