SmartPTT Express 2.6: Secondary Express Server is now available

A new release of SmartPTT Express is available. Its focus is the support for the Secondary Express Server. The server is a redundancy component of DIMETRA Express.

The transfer is automatic and requires approximately 2 minutes to switch between Primary and Secondary Express Servers.

After the switchover completes, all the licensed SmartPTT functions become available. This includes voice dispatch, voice recording, activity logging, GPS location, text messaging, Emergency, Ambience Listening, and more.

Please request a new version of SmartPTT Express via the website or your sales team representative.

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SmartPTT Express is a flexible dispatch software for DIMETRA Express, a TETRA-compliant radio system from Motorola Solutions for small and mid-scale solutions. It offers basic dispatch functionality (voice dispatch & logging, GPS location, text messaging, Emergency, and more) in a solution with flexible user interface, fine permissions management, and stylish dark look. The solution is appreciated in Manufacturing, Mining, and other industrial applications.

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