Worker safety is the greatest priority in the mining industry, and the dispatchers require a reliable solution to prevent incidents and to respond quickly in case they do occur.

Safety at mines and efficient worker coordination

High safety level at mines can be provided with SmartPTT’s GPS tracking features, blast alarms and such options as Man Down and Lone Worker.
  • To help prevent accidents mines can use the notifications in SmartPTT for blast alarms, weather notifications and channel markers.
  • An emergency condition can be initiated by a miner pressing the emergency button, a Man Down option board or using the SmartPTT Lone Worker functionality.
  • Once the emergency is initiated, SmartPTT can immediately identify to the dispatcher the identity and GPS location of the worker in distress.
  • GPS capabilities of the MOTOTRBO radios, SmartPTT allow dispatchers control routes of vehicle drivers and see deviations from the assigned routes.
  • The voice recordings and event log can be used to investigate the details of an incident.
  • Convenient interface for a dispatcher allows control and monitoring of the subscribers, as well as securing their safety

Case studies

Mining The Chernogorsky coal mine, Russia The reliability of SmartPTT for increasing the speed of obtaining information at the facility
Mining Nui Phao Mining Company Providing safety and ensuring discipline on the mine with the help of SmartPTT
Mining Urgal black coal deposit in Russian Far East Stable and uninterrupted coordination of the teams within the plant and the mine