Emergency Management

Dispatchers can be notified when a radio user is in distress, so dispatchers can quickly and efficiently coordinate a response

Respond More Quickly & Efficiently

When a radio user has an emergency, a fast and efficient response is imperative. SmartPTT helps dispatchers to reduce response times and respond appropriately to the emergency.
Dispatchers can receive emergency notifications from radios using the orange emergency button or the optional man-down license in the radio.
SmartPTT’s Lone Worker function requires user interaction with the radio within a programmable amount of time otherwise SmartPTT will trigger an emergency event.
When SmartPTT receives an emergency it can audibly alert the dispatcher, identify the user in distress, and show the radio’s location on an outdoor or indoor map (optional).
The dispatcher can remotely key the radio to listen in on the background to gain situational awareness.
SmartPTT’s Avigilon integration enables dispatchers to stream video from cameras near a radio’s location to gain an understanding of the emergency.
The Rules & Alerts feature can automate some responses to emergencies to reduce response times.


Receive emergency notifications Receive emergency notifications
Lone Worker Lone Worker
Transmit Interrupt Transmit Interrupt
Remote monitoring and control of external devices (telemetry) Remote monitoring and control of external devices (telemetry)
Emergency Location Emergency Location
Automated responses to emergencies Automated responses to emergencies
Man Down Man Down