SmartPTT-based radio communication system at an industrial enterprise helps manage manufacturing processes more efficiently and enhance worker safety to the required level.

Manufacturing requires efficient processes and worker safety

Efficiency and safety at an enterprise can be achieved by applying a combination of features and rules in SmartPTT Dispatcher Console
  • Various options to secure safe operations of the workers during regular workflow and an emergency
  • Minimized equipment downtime with notifications of the failures to the dispatcher or maintenance teams
  • Control of the response to the emergency and reconstruction of the emergency details
  • Operational cost efficiencies provided by such features as Voice Dispatch, Job Ticketing, Lone Worker, and other

Case studies

Manufacturing Eldorado, the world’s largest single-line pulp Consolidation of 23 departments due to the SmartPTT support of telephone calls
Manufacturing Chemical enterprise SC "AMMONI", Russia MOTOTRBO & SmartPTT for a newly built hazardous production facility