Public Safety

To respond to an emergency or urgent call as quick as possible, police officers should get proper coordination from the dispatcher who sees the clear picture of the situation out in the field. Digital radio dispatch systems provide a dispatcher with full feature set to control remote regional fleets and provide help to those in distress.

Short response time and high safety for the police officers

To work at the police means to arrive among the first to the incident area and put your life at risk for the sake of the others. It is important for the police officer to have proper communication means with the team and support from the headquarters.
Effective joint work of different fleets provided by means of GPS tracking and radio network bridging
Central dispatch screens installed in headquarter to provide ultimate control over remote regional fleets
Extended capabilities for safe operation in dangerous conditions
Multi-level dispatch conforming to organizational structure of public safety authorities like police or disaster management. Dispatch screens can be installed at any level of the organization hierarchy – regional, district or state level.


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