SmartPTT Solution safeguarding public safety in Vietnam: 3000 police officers move to digital communications

SmartPTT PLUS and RG1000е connecting old analog and new digital to build a safe and reliable communication.

SmartPTT and our partners in Vietnam have upgraded radio network for 3000 policemen in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Together with Motorola Capacity Max radio systems, SmartPTT enhanced radio communications and improved the response times of police squads in 18 provinces. The modernization of more provinces is still to come.



The modernization goal was to enhance the interoperability between their old analog radio system and their new digital radio system. To make the streets safer, the first thing to do was to improve the response times of police squads. Upgrading to SmartPTT PLUS and MOTOTRBO became the best choice to resolve the issues. SmartPTT provides support of MOTOTRBO’s voice and data functions, which were created to protect police officers and to enhance their response times and productivity.

«The most important need that we had was to make old analog radios and new digital MOTOTRBO working well together…»

Duong Nguyen Tuan,

Project Manager at Century Telecommunication Joint Stock Company

Hanoi, Vietnam

To interoperate the old analog system with the new digital system, RG-1000e Radio Gateway was used to connect analog base stations to SmartPTT. The gateway helps transfer voice to the SmartPTT radioserver via an IP Connection. The RG-1000e can be used to get coverage into remote areas, where it is difficult or cost-prohibitive to install repeaters and receivers. The RG-1000e Radio Gateway helps ensure a seamless patch and a smooth transfer to digital.

The combined MOTOTRBO Capacity Max and SmartPTT PLUS solution is able to cover large areas and connect a large number of subscribers. Two hundred additional channels are available in this system, so the dispatcher can have efficient communications with different police squads, and can quickly reach any officer. This is an easily scalable solution, that allows adding coverage or additional channels as needed.


At the initial stage, the police department was provided with a SmartPTT software demo. The client compared SmartPTT and alternatives and realized that SmartPTT features fit their needs the best.

Next, one of our Vietnamese partners, Century Telecommunication, installed the MOTOTRBO radio equipment. Every province was equipped with a separate radio system, with more than 100 repeaters in total. The next step was to install and deploy SmartPTT PLUS software.

SmartPTT PLUS features easy setup and configuration. So, in a very short time, the dispatchers were ready to start. Thanks to a user-friendly UI/UX, it took the dispatchers just a few days to learn how to use and control the system.

As a standard part of a valid support subscription, the Vietnamese Partners and Police Dispatchers can get help from Elcomplus 24 hours a day 5 days a week.


Switching to MOTOTRBO and SmartPTT PLUS, the Vietnamese Police got a new communication system with many new features unavailable in their old analog system:

  • RG1000e Radio Gateway provides a smooth integration of old analog equipment and new MOTOTRBO solutions
  • More communication channels — a dispatcher can quickly get information to a group or an individual radio or assist an officer in distress.
  • Police officers’ locations can be monitored by the dispatchers, so the dispatchers can assign the closest available officer to a call or move officers to areas needing more of a police presence.
  • A faster connection: the MOTOTRBO system automatically sends a subscriber to a free channel.
  • Digital radio equipment provides clear communications at greater distances compared to analog.

New opportunities made it possible to improve emergency response times. The decisions on operations are made more efficiently.

«The police can throw a squad to help policemen timely. Police work became more efficient…»

Duong Nguyen Tuan,

Project Manager at Century Telecommunication Joint Stock Company

Hanoi, Vietnam


With the successfulness of the first deployment, the Police Department plans to equip for more Vietnamese provinces with reliable SmartPTT PLUS and MOTOTRBO systems, based on modern digital standards. As a result, 18 provinces have already moved to the new communication system. Modernization of more provinces is still to come.

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