SmartPTT enhances police and public safety in Tocantins, Brazil

18 August, 2021
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GPS-tracking, Events, and Voice Logging increase the efficiency of police dispatchers’ work.

In 2021, the Military Police of Tocantins began a modernization of their radio systems in the city of Palmas, the capital of Tocantins, and three neighboring cities. CDC Telecom, Elcomplus’ distributor in Brazil, implemented a digital MOTOTRBO radio system together with SmartPTT PLUS and Elcomplus’ RG1000e RoIP gateway, which significantly increases the system’s functionality. The modernization goal was to enhance public safety by improving police response times and officer safety. A new radio system is to be deployed throughout the entire state.


To reduce crime rates, the Tocantins Military Police will upgrade to a new digital communications system, as the old system did not meet the organization’s growing requirements. The police need a new radio and dispatch system capable of officer location, officer coordination, event tracking, and voice logging.

Based on CDC Telecom’s technical expertise, they proposed a MOTOTRBO Capacity Max radio system with the SmartPTT PLUS dispatching software. The solution is easily scalable, and the software can accommodate the customer’s growing needs.

Compared to analog radio systems, the digital solution can better cover the large territory and doubles the communication channels. The new digital radio network will be deployed throughout the entire state.

To provide better analog to digital interoperability and an easier transition to digital communications, the RG1000e RoIP gateway was used. It helps get coverage into remote areas, where the installation of repeaters is cost-prohibitive.

Another customer requirement was the ability for dispatchers or other authorized personnel to contact radios from a landline or mobile telephone. This provides more options to quickly get information to an individual or a group of radios.

Need for:

  • connection with radios from any telephone
  • availability of the system to add coverage in the future
  • SmartPTT PLUS
  • MOTOTRBO Capacity Max
  • RG1000e RoIP gateway
  • 7 Repeaters
  • 4 RG-1000e Radio Gateways
  • 165 Subscribers


      “Outdated analog systems do not provide any functions, but voice. Nowadays the client needs GPS tracking and other data functions. Telephone interconnect was especially important to this client.”

      Luiz Fernando Galano

      Project Manager, Grupo CDC Telecom

      São Paulo, Brazil


      The modernization has begun in four Tocantins cities: Palmas (the Capital), Miracema do Tocantins, Porto Nacional, and Paraíso do Tocantins. The basic equipment included 4 base stations with at least 2 repeaters inside each base station, and 4 RG1000e RoIP gateways.

      During the Initial Implementation Stage, 165 police officers have moved to the new digital communications. Coordinated by 4 dispatchers, the first “digital” team has been created. The next stage involves adding 15 more dispatch consoles. This means thousands of police officers throughout the state will be able to connect to the same dispatching system.

      Learning the SmartPTT PLUS interface does not require prior experience or a specific skill set, which enables dispatchers to quickly learn and start using the new system.

      SmartPTT technical support team is available to assist the Tocantins system administrator and dispatchers when help is needed either with how to use the system or to ensure a high level of system stability.



      Moving to the SmartPTT PLUS system, the Tocantins Military Police received many new features including:

      • GPS Location:
        • Faster dispatcher responses as they can easily identify radios on the map.
        • Rapidly dispatch squads to locations needing more of a police presence.
        • Urgent assistance for police officers in distress.
      • Event and Voice Logging:
        • Stored and easily accessible information
        • Tracing the chain of events in case of any investigation
      • Radio Check: verify if a radio is turned on or available within RF coverage of the system
      • Telephone Interconnect: radio users can make and receive telephone calls
      • User-friendly Interface:
        • No prior experience or specific skill is required
        • The desired functions are available on the main screen
        • Ease of use results in more efficiency during dispatcher’s shift.

      Additionally, using the RG1000e RoIP gateway provided a cost-effective solution to increase their RF coverage.

      “With the successful SmartPTT PLUS integration in Palmas, dispatchers work faster, and police squads’ response times got shorter. It is easier to control the patrols. The next step is the further digital radio network deployment throughout all of Tocantins.”

      Tocantins Military Police representative.

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