SmartPTT provides effective and efficient communication services to Hatzalah South Florida first responders

SmartPTT helps Hatzalah South Florida – a licensed State of Florida volunteer, not-for-profit organization providing emergency response in neighborhoods across South Florida – improve medical outcomes and save lives.


Hatzalah South Florida augments existing emergency medical services with over 150 community-based, state-certified EMT and paramedic volunteer responders and dispatchers. Being local, trained professionals Hatzalah South Florida provides community residents with critical care in just moments. Therefore it needed a reliable solution in mission-critical environments. The existing system took too long to manually change channels so there were critical losses of time. There was a need for a solution capable of not only shortening response time, but also significantly improving communication with the agency members, recording and retrieving interactions across a wide range of communications channels, and adding new volunteers to the system without expenses.

“Our goal is an average arrival time of 3 minutes or less.

With SmartPTT, we significantly shortened the response time in saving lives”

 Hatzalah South Florida Emergency Medical Services, Ben Jacobson, IT Director.


After a lengthy review of software providers, SmartPTT was the clear winner on features the customer needed. The implementation started in August 2021. Within a week, 6 repeaters had been installed, using MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect to deliver reliable, seamless communication between the 6 sites. Then the SmartPTT software was installed. It took customer engineers a few hours to do it themselves without any additional training due to the easy installation process and the SmartPTT support team dedicated to helping resolve any issue.

The addition of SmartPTT Enterprise dispatch software gave personnel access to a range of customized features such as Voice Dispatching, Event Logging, Voice Recording, Network Monitoring, and GPS Tracking.


  • 6-site MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect system
  • SmartPTT Enterprise software
  • 6 repeaters
  • 180 radios
  • 25 mobile radios


SmartPTT enables dispatchers to talk to different radios, talkgroups, smartphones, and radio systems, as well as identify who is talking. Dispatchers can create automated voice and text alerts to send to any radio or group of radios during an emergency. Voice dispatching provides advanced team coordination and emergency management.

Voice recording and event logging make it easier for rescuers to do their jobs and provides fast incident investigation. As every piece of data (registration, voice calls, text messages, status change, radio kill, telemetry signal, GPS location, phone calls) is recorded there is an ability to review the whole incident.

With GPS tracking, dispatchers can add and manage multiple emergency vehicles and equipment on a single view on the desktop and track all of them at the same time. GPS tracking helps to reduce response time during an emergency. A configurable set of rules and alerts, including predefined routes, speed and stop control, etc. allows to manage the fleet efficiently.

SmartPTT Mobile allows to connect volunteers to the communication network from anywhere via their smartphones. They can communicate via voice and text, create talk groups, or inform about emergencies. SmartPTT Mobile provides effective response management in an emergency due to the prioritization of emergency calls over regular ones. As Hatzalah South Florida plans to grow the agency, SmartPTT Mobile will be the cost-effective solution for the system expansion.

Real-time network infrastructure monitoring with a graphical representation of network topology and coverage map analysis allows to save money, time, and personnel resources.

Open Voice Channel Mode (OVCM) calls supported by SmartPTT make a radio that is not preconfigured to work in a particular system be able to receive during a group or individual call. This allows to reach more subscribers when help is really needed.

“Adding OVCM was a game changer for us allowing us to go from 15 groups to thousands” 

Hatzalah South Florida Emergency Medical Services, Ben Jacobson, Director – IT


  • up to 30% lower expenses
  • 30%+ enhanced security
  • 30%+ better response and faster work processes
  • 30%+ work efficiency increase
  • Quick communication with members as well as remote access via mobile app
  • Fewer emergencies
  • Much better recording


Use the link to download the case study.

SmartPTT Enterprise is an all-in-one dispatch software that integrates MOTOTRBO systems, analog radio, and mobile subscribers. It offers voice dispatch & recording, GPS and indoor location, PBX/PSTN interconnect, and network monitoring. It is globally utilized in Utilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and many other industries. Find the projects with SmartPTT on the webpage.

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