Elcomplus, Inc. (owner of SmartPTT) is a US Company

This post is to clarify that SmartPTT is owned by Elcomplus, Inc., which is a US company with US ownership.

In February of 2022 all rights of SmartPTT were transferred from Elcomplus LLC (the Russian company) to Elcomplus, Inc. (the US company).

In September of 2022, beneficial ownership of the company was acquired by Americans, Michael Soulliard, Michael Motley, and Elena Stanford. By this time, all development of SmartPTT was moved out of Russia.

In November of 2022, all sales activities in Russia were also cancelled.

By March of 2023, all remaining operations were moved outside of Russia including management, marketing, finance, legal, etc.

Elcomplus, Inc. and SmartPTT are no longer related to Elcomplus LLC (the Russian company), and we have no operations in Russia or Russian occupied territories.

For any inquiries on this topic, please contact us at 786-362-5525.

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