SmartPTT goes to PMRExpo 2018 in Cologne
PMRExpo 2018

Events & promos | Nov 7

Experience all SmartPTT products at one fair: SmartPTT Express, SmartPTT PLUS, AdapTel and new SmartPTT SCADA

New SmartPTT technical support policy
New SmartPTT Technical Support Policy

Events & promos | Oct 31

Special subscription conditions & pricing till December, 31, 2018. Do not delay, update right now!

SmartPTT Express for TETRA debuts at Motorola Solutions Partner Conference
Motorola Solutions Partner Conference

Events & promos | Oct 18

Motorola Solutions partners from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe became the first to see new SmartPTT Express software for TETRA radio systems


MOTOTRBO - Smart PTT Plus applications - Event logging, voice dispatch and text messages and email
SmartPTT - The Smart Choice For Your Future (features overview)
SmartPTT Webinar - SmartPTT 9.3 & 9.3.1 Release

SmartPTT PLUS is a dispatch software solution that provides integrated full-featured dispatch control over multisite and multichannel systems based on MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Max, Linked Capacity PlusCapacity Plus and IP Site Connect.

SmartPTT PLUS supports voice calls and data features with IP connection to infrastructure in:


  • Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect via MOTOTRBO Network Application Interface (NAI)
  • Capacity Max via MNIS VRC and MNIS Data Gateways
  • Connect Plus via XRT Gateway and XRC Controller

SmartPTT PLUS Advantages

  • Convenient dispatch operation with highly customizable user interface and hot key support
  • Integrated infrastructure monitoring solution
  • Reliable radio systems
    • No single point of failure
    • Redundant server support: in case of main server failure backup server takes over the network control
    • Distributed event and voice data storage on both client and server sides
  • Easy scalability from small to large distributed systems
    • Full-featured dispatch over IP
    • Each dispatch console can be connected to several radioservers
    • A radioserver can control unlimited number of systems of different types (Connect Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect)

SmartPTT PLUS Architecture

Dispatch Control over Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect

Dispatch Control over Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect

Dispatch Control over Capacity Max
Dispatch Control over Capacity Max

Standard Features

 Radio Dispatch                  
 Text Messages
 Event Logging 
Lone Worker 50x50
 Lone Worker

Иконки SmartPTT
 Job Ticketing[1],[2]
Fleet Management 50x50
 Fleet Management 

Optional Features

 GPS Tracking                     
 Voice Recording
 Radio Network Bridging
 Telephone Interconnect[1]
 Coverage Map[1]
 Indoor Tracking
 Data Web Client
 System Monitoring[2]


Please note:

Detailed information and demo version is available on Motorola Solutions websites for Motorola Solutions partners.

Region Resource
Europe, Middle East and Africa Motorola Online or our sales team
North America Please contact our sales team
Latin America and Caribbean Please contact your Motorola regional manager or our sales team
Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand Please contact your Motorola regional manager or our sales team


[1] Not supported in Connect Plus systems.
[2] Not supported in Capacity Max systems.

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