SmartPTT Versioning Alignment and SmartPTT Enterprise 9.13 Release

For several years, SmartPTT Enterprise and SmartPTT PLUS released with different schedule. This resulted in different set of features available in each version, complicated provision of technical support.

Therefore, we decided to synchronize versions and release dates for those two products. As the first step in that direction, we re-release SmartPTT Enterprise 9.12.100 as SmartPTT Enterprise 9.13. In that version, we only added the support of M2023.01, a newest MOTOTRBO firmware that is available since July 2023.

Availability of SmartPTT Enterprise 9.13 does not cancel the support of SmartPTT Enterprise 9.12.100. Both versions will be equally supported.

SmartPTT Enterprise is an all-in-one dispatch software that integrates MOTOTRBO systems, analog radio, and mobile subscribers. It offers voice dispatch & recording, GPS and Indoor location, PBX interconnect, network monitoring, and more. The product is globally used in Manufacturing, Electricity, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, and many other industries.

Elcomplus, Inc. is a Florida corporation (US) established in 2012. Starting as a sales office, it is now a multinational company that operates SmartPTT products development and executes global SmartPTT sales, distribution, and support.

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